Friday, July 31, 2009

August 1st Line Up

Agapi Mou (Aya Davidson - violin and vocals, Greg Jenkins - clarinet, Alan Davidson - laouto)
New Directions in Indian Classical Music (Gautam Tejas Ganeshan - voice, Anantha R. Krishnan - mridangam barrel drum)
Knudsen-Benedict duo (Lorin Benedict - voice, Kasey Knudsen - sax)
Sekar Jaya Gender Wayang (Emily Rolph, Carla Fabrizio, Ansel Schmidt, Reiko)
The Hotel of 13 Losses (Aaron Novik - clarinet, Kasey Knudsen - sax, Tim BUlkly - drums)
Paul Eastburn and Friends (Dan McGay - clarinet, Brandon Robinson - jazz guitar, Paul Eastburn - upright bass)
Lulacruza (Alejandra Ortiz - voice, Luis Maurette - percussion and electronics)

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