Tuesday, April 7, 2009

First Music Flea Market

Have you ever tried to buy a musical instrument online without playing it? Have you driven across town to check out an instrument off craigslist only to realize it's not what you were looking for? Buying or Selling a musical instrument can be a pain. It can also be a lot of fun if you come down to 20th and Florida on Saturday, April 25th.

We will have tables set up for sellers to display their items, we will have fresh and delicious foods and beverages prepared by local chefs from our community, and there will be lots and lots of music.


This is too good to be true. How much does it cost?
This is a community event so it is free for everyone. However, we encourage your donations to support the development of a San Francsico Community World Music School (more information will be available at the flea market).

I have an old collection of kazoos that I want to sell. What do I do?
Email us at sfmusicfleamarket@gmail.com and include your name, phone number and number of kazoos you will be bringing.

I play kazoo with the Kazoo All Stars. Can we perform at the music flea market?
Email Brandi at brandi.brandes@gmail.com with a link to your Kazoo All Stars website.

I make amazing kazoo pies. Can I sell them at the music flea market?
We've never had kazoo pies but we encourage creative expression. So email Mina at minagirgis@gmail.com with more information about your kazoo pies.

I doubt anyone will want to buy my kazoos. Can I donate them to your Community World Music School?
We really appreciate your generosity and we believe kazoos can be great learning tools. We will have an instrument/audio equipment donation box. So please bring any instruments you want to donate.

I don't have any kazoos, but I would love to contribute in some other way. What do you need?
Besides Kazoos, we need:
- Volunteers
- Tables
- Extension Cords
- Coffee Dispensers (industrial size)
- Large tents (in case it rains, even though God loves our kazoos)


  1. What a cool idea! If I had a musical instrument that I wanted to sell, this would be a fun way to do it.